DIY Santa Hats for Dogs

The key to making a DIY Santa Hat stay on a dogs head an elastic strap. This simple strap can be sewn on in minutes and make you Christmas photo taking experience much easier. Make sure you dogs are supervised while wear these hats! Hope these tips help make your Christmas go smoothly so you can get ready for the new year! This is a very simple dog craft that may take up around 5 minutes depending on your skill with a sewing needle and how many dogs you own. Each hat cost us a dollar and the elastic and mini sewing kit were $1 a piece also so this project came out to a total of $6 =).

What will you need:

  • Needle and Thread
  • Elastic Bands
  • Santa Hats

How to dog strap for Santa Hat

  • Measure some elastic band while your dog is wearing his hat.
  • Make sure to add a little extra and sew the band onto the inside of the hat
  • Test again to see if it is tight/loose enough and then sew down the other side.

What our came out looking like!

Also our video tutorial on how to may DYI Santa Hats for Dogs!




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