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Dry Climate Life Hacks for Dogs

One of the most common issues for dog owners in dry climates is keeping their dogs properly hydrated. There are plenty of tips on the internet but these are the ones we have found effective an easy to add to our routine. Here are our tips for dogs in dry climates!

    1. Ice Cubes – Depending on your dog they may love to play with some ice cubes on hot days. This has a helpful side effect of some extra hydration and mental stimulation. Ice is very soft compared to bone so it will not be an issue for most dogs unless they are extremely old of have dental issues. If you suspect a dental issue its always bet to have a professional check it out.
    2. Frozen Towel– If your dog needs a little extra cooling you can try a frozen towel. Just soak them fold and bag then freeze. Too much water will make it hard to unfold. You can use a small towel as a scarf too. This hack only helps for an hour or two and should not be a primary method of temperature control.
    3. Doggy Pool – Dog pools are great and simple and cheap! Stay away from inflatables unless you have a small breed with well groomed nails. Something to keep in mind is where to place your doggy pool. If possible place on a clean surface like concret so there will be less likely to drag dirt into the pool.
    4. Bobbing for Treats – Throw some of your favorite dog treats into their water dish. As they bob around for them they will get some much needed water and some mental stimulation. Do not over due it and keep an eye on them to make sure they do not inhale water as they can get clumsy in their excitement.
    5. Watermelon – Buys a seedless watermelon or if you can find one pick out the seeds before feeding. If your dogs like watermelon they are a great treat to help keep your dog hydrated on dry and or hot days.
    6. Cucumbers – Nice snack that will help hydrate you dogs. Do not feed too much however as high fiber can be tough for dogs to digest.
    7. Bonebroth – Make a bone broth with left over bones or pick some up fresh. Do not add salt! Add a little bone broth to your dogs water to intense them to drink. You can lead a dog to water but you cant make it drink…. unless you have bone broth!
    8. Chicken Broth – Low or no sodium chicken broth can be a great way to get your dog drinking enough water on hot days. Even chicken broth labeled low sodium still has way too much for dogs so heavily delude it with water.
    9. Frozen Dog Treats – There are plenty of recipes but here are some we have tried with our dogs!


How to spot signs of dehydration in your dog?

-Sunken eyes


-Dry mouth


Dehydration tests: Gently pinch a fold of skin at the top of the neck. Is it slow to snap back? Try this when you know your dog is hydrated (after a vet visit) to have an idea what is should look like. Also pressing your finger on their gums for a second and waiting for color to return to the pressed area. If it takes longer than normal this could be a sign your dog is dehydrated.

Not all signs of dehydration are easy to detect even for experienced dog owners. If you suspect your dog may be dehydrated, a trip to the vet is a most. Dehydration side effects may not show enough for you to notice until its too late if you do not keep a close eye.

Offer clean cool water. Try different bowls and pouring it (some dogs like moving water), adding a bit of low sodium chicken broth, or pieces of a favorite treat or dog friendly fruit to one of the bowls to encourage drinking.

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