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Raw Kangaroo Bones Ratio:

We are in the processes of compiling bone ratio cheat sheets here is what we have on Kangaroo Bone to Meat Ratio so far!


Kangaroo Whole Tail- Approximately 65% Bone

Kangaroo Tail Tips- Approximately 95% Bone

Kangaroo is populations need to be controlled through a process called culling. This basically means they need to go hunt a certain amount to keep their natural ecosystems from collapsing from overpopulation. This along with the low fat and high quality protien make it an ideal feed. However as with any wild caught game there are precautions to ensure there are no parasites are transferred. This can usually be done by freezing but some like in wild pigs can survive freezing and must be cooked out. This mean bones will have to be removed as once cooked they are prone to shatter and cause potentially fatal damage to stomach. Ever wounder why cooked bones are dangerous when raw bones are healthy? Check out of video Raw VS Cooked 


Photo: independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/australia-kangaroos-culling-killing-murder-deaths-a-year-a7583186.html

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