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Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Oil


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Raw Feeding Made Easy & Affordable - Now up to 30% OFF

Our Hemp Oil contains the ideal ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats. Unlike other oils on the market, DogpileTv’s Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined Hemp Oil is never refined, deodorized or bleached. We start with organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown hemp seeds, harvested and cold pressed to naturally extract an oil rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and chlorophyll. Our role is to produce and promote organic, nutrient dense superfoods that are good for you and your pets.

Hemp seeds are rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and insoluble fiber. They are a good source of tocopherols, or Vitamin E antioxidants. They’re packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, plus  microelements like strontium, thorium, arsenic and chromium.

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