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Hip Dysplasia Surgery Tips

Our rescue Nala was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips and had to have surgery. Leading up too and after her surgery she lost tons of weight. At this time we were still feeding kibble and noticing she would not touch it and would still only eat small portions if we added low sodium chicken broth. So we tried different canned wet dog food products from companies like Merrick and Taste of The wild. This helped as she ate more often but still was not putting on enough weight. At this point it was time for the stitches to come out. Her recovery was extremely slow and she seemed in allot of pain. We moved into a house down the street from her vet so she would no longer have to ride the elevator and have quick access to medical care. One day at a dog park in San Diego with Kaia the Doberman I was told about a brand of glucosimine supplements and about raw food diets for dogs. This seemed like it sounded too good to be true but I had hope and went home and did some research. The supplements had amazing reviews on amazon some people said they even were able to skip surgery all together. I was still skeptical as I had not heard about this from the 3 vets we went too before having her surgery. But I ordered some and looked into inflammation reducing foods and inflation cause foods to avoid. Most inflammation causing foods we in almost every commercial dog food and the top three ingredients in our vets recommended kibble brand “Royal Canine”.  This is what made me decide to that raw was the only thing that would help her recover without the painful inflammation.


To be continued…

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