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Where do raw feeders purchase their dogs food?

Well the answer for that varies from person to person. The easiest way of course is to buy premade raw mixes that are delivered to your door. There are plenty of companies starting to sell raw products so feel free to choose which works best for you. Depending where you live it may be cheaper to purchase your own ingredients and prepare your own dog food. We are located in Baja, Mexico currently so it is relatively cheap to purchase high quality meat.

Supermarkets, butchers, and farmers markets.

We do most of our shopping at supermarkets, butchers, and farmers markets. There are still butchers in every other strip mall here in baja so there are plenty of options. Just because a meat is label safe for human consumption does not mean it is a safe source for your dogs but it is a great start. There are parasites commonly found in supermarket meats such as salmon, tilipia, and pork. These parasites usually can be killed by freezing but you should double check.

Wild Caught Fish and Game

If you live in an area where you can hunt you can ask hunters for extra meat. Plenty of meat is wasted from people trying to make space in their freezers for the next hunting/fishing season. Whenever feeding something that is not sold for human consumption at a grocery store should have extra precaution taken(even some store bought meats should be frozen like raw salmon, tilapia, and pork). Depending on the protien source and where you live there may be parasites in the meat. Most of these can be removed by freezing but make sure to double check. Wild pigs for example commonly have a parasite called Trichinosis which does not die from being frozen! The only way to get rid of it is too cook the meat which is not ideal but necessary if you want to feed wild bore meat. Just remember no bones as they can only be fed safely when raw and in the case of wild pig meat that is a no go. We are working on organizing a page to help answer specific protein source questions stay tuned!

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