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Are bones safe for dogs?

This question is of course relative depending on your breed, age, and size.

Breeds: Certain toy and brachycephalic (flat faced dogs ie. bulldog) breeds may have trouble with bones that would be fine for other breeds of the same size. Take a minute and do some research if you think this might apply to your dog.

Age: Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is what dogs were designed to eat however, in the wild dogs and their canine cousins do not live as long as in captivity. This being the case our older dogs should have extra precautions taken to insure they do not damage their teeth. Sticking to soft bones from small prey sources and removing recreational chewing bones from their routine can help lower the risk. You may consider grinding or purchasing preground bones for senor dogs as well.

Size: The size of your dogs should be taken in consideration when choosing which bones to include in their diet and which too be used as recreational chews. Recreational bones should always be larger than the dogs head so it can not be swallowed whole.

Here is an example of our Doberman with a recreational bone…

For info on raw vs cooked meat check out our video!

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